Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I joined my brother in laws co-ed kickball team this year (sister is pregnant) and I was so excited to play!!! I hadn't played kickball in years. We had games every Friday night. Kickball was a lot harder and more intense than I remember it being in elementary school. I guess that happens when you play on a team with extremely competitive guys on your team. We ended up having a great season and we won every single game we played... UNDEFEATED!!! The playoff games were brutal. We had 3 games in 4 hours in 100 degree weather. I was exhausted and so sore. The Championship game was hard but we finally got in our groove and kicked their butts!!! So much fun!! Glad I got to play :)

The whole team after the big win
My very own 1st place winner medal
I did fall down one game and my knee got skinned up pretty bad :( but I survived!!

Park City

This year I went up to Park City to volunteer for the Ragnar Race. Since I will probably never run in one I thought it would be fun to at least see how it all works. We went up Friday night and ate at Maxwells in Park City (Yummy fat kid pizza!!!) and then spent the night at my cousins cabin. In the morning we went down to our volunteer station. We spent about four hours directing cars in and out of a parking lot and then cleaning up after the last runner came through. It was fun to see everyone all pumped up and really enjoying their time. After our volunteer time we cleaned up the cabin and then headed into Park City to watch my cousin Haley and her husband Steve come through the finish line. Then Me, Lacey and Chelsey decided that since we were already up in Park City we might as well ride the Park City Coaster!!! (which is always so much fun!!!) Then we ate yummy mexican food at Baja Cantina before we headed home. Such a fun weekend!!!


I have made a goal to be more active this year. I am not a big sports fan but since my singles ward does a lot of different sports I decided to go to softball one night and give it a try and honestly I kinda like it :) I like being on a team and knowing every thursday night I have a game to go play and hang out with people my age with the same interests as me. The best part is our team is really really good (I don't do well with losing) and I have gotten a lot better. I figured out I bat lefty and now I can finally hit the ball and get on base!! Big accomplishment :) Lets just say softball has been really good for me and I have enjoyed it so much and haven't missed a game yet!!

Up to Bat!! 
Some of the team... we are AMAZING!!

Date night with Brinsley!!! Every once in awhile I beg Kevin and Amy to let me take Brinsley out. We always have so much fun. She has more energy than anyone and always keeps me on my toes. This night I took her to Trafalga to ride the rides and play some miniature golf. We had a lot of fun. After we went to Five Guys for dinner. I always get paranoid that she is going to run off while I'm not looking. I told her to stand next to me while I ordered food. As soon as I was done ordering I looked around and she was nowhere to be found. I started to panic a little and yelled her name. I then saw her standing on a chair at a table waving to me saying "Jenny, I got a table" I laughed so hard along with all the other people at five guys. I forget she is too grown up sometimes :) Love her!!


Brinsley and Baby Gwen

I love my nieces more than anything else in this world!!! Im so grateful to have both of them in my life!! They are so cute and bring so much joy to life!!! I LOVE YOU TWO!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

My Family all got together and went to a Bees Baseball Game!!!! It was so much fun to get everyone together and enjoy a beautiful summer night. Honestly I don't know if the Bees won or not but I had fun hanging out, talking and taking Brinsley on a Train Ride!!! (such a good aunt) Lacey and Chelseyand Brian and Andrea joined in on all the fun!!!

The Group (minus Brian taking the picture)
Me and Brinsley riding the train

Las Vegas

Oh the annual Las Vegas girls trip. It is something I look forward to and we always have so much fun!!! This year we had a large group and were able to get adjoining rooms at the Flamingo hotel. This was nice to all kinda be in the same big room. The pool was really nice and super crowded!!! (memorial weekend) The first night we went out clubbing. The nightclub was really cool!!! The I went and hit the balckjack tables with Jennas friend (she won... I watched) The next day we went to breakfast at Hash House (AMAZING and huge portions) and then relaxed at the pool. I was really feeling like clubbing so me and Felicia walked the strip, went to the Bellagio Botanical Gardens, watched the Bellagio watershow, got yummy dessert and candy at Sugar Factory and just enjoyed a more low key night (I went to bed semi early). The next morning I went to the pool for a bit and then went shopping and exploring. Got a yummy sandwich at Earl of Sandwich and just enjoyed all that is Vegas. I met up with the girls later and got ready for another night out on the town. We went to a club that was fun for a little bit and then we got bored. We all separated with some of us going to Freemont Street with some guys we had met at dinner. We had so much fun!!! Freemont Street was probably my favorite part of my trip. They had free concerts and it was a big party!!! We danced and just really enjoyed ourselves. So much fun!!! The next day was check out day :( we all had time to go to lunch at Margaritaville and get a treat from Sugar Factory and then it was time to catch our flights home. The weekend was so much fun but went way too fast!!! Good thing there is always a next year :)

The Girls at the Pool
Me :)
Me and Alicia
Me, Abbie, Jenna, Alicia and Kristi
At the Nightclub
The pool... again!!
Hash House Breakfast!!! YUMMY!!!
Getting ready for the night
The girls again
The morning before we all departed Vegas!!